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Stage One: Conflict Under the Carpet

Research has shown that regardless of the context of the workplace dispute the costs are always accumulative. The longer you leave the situation the more it will cost.

The most common form of corporate dispute is a situation with a disgruntled employee and manager that requires additional management time- time that costs the company money. Studies have shown that this can equate to over £70,000 in lost productivity from management time spent dealing with the dispute; while the cost of an unresolved dispute can be over £250,000. What is staggering is when these costs are compared to the cost of one full day mediation from Corporate Harmony- as little as £1000 (ex VAT and expenses). The solution is staring you in the face.

In light of the economic certainty of these accumulative costs Corporate Harmony provide a range of early intervention services, as well as full mediations, designed to reduce to encourage management to think proactively about their management conflict strategy.

We at Corporate Harmony therefore provide a range of pro-active as well as reactive dispute resolution services designed to educate, up-skill and resolve corporate disputes as early as possible. These services include Professional Development Workshops, Dispute Resolution In-House Training, Telephone Coaching, Face-to-Face Conflict Coaching and Full Mediations.

All of that said the rub remains encouraging clients to take up the opportunity to look at corporate conflict management proactively rather than reactively. All to often we at Corporate Harmony find clients come to us at the ‘11th hour’ when they have got the name of their solicitors out of the rolodex, are about to call them and instead they call us. In one sense this response is excellent as court proceedings are always expensive and always result in someone loosing. Whilst in mediation at Corporate Harmony we look for what would be ‘good enough’ for both parties- no one looses if the dispute is resolved.

As a result we at Corporate Harmony want to hear from you. We would be very interested to hear about your situation, to discuss your needs in complete confidence and see how we can help you. It would be great to talk.


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